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we are.

Prospa is the new name for EastPack’s Total Orchard Management solution (EKO). Which has been freeing up orchard owners time, while helping them achieve outstanding OGRs, season after season, since 1991.

But Prospa is more than just a new name.

It’s a completely new focus on improving and expanding our services. We’re completely grower owned, so the more ways we can help you succeed, and the more we push ourselves to be better - we all prosper.  

So if you’re an investor or an experienced grower looking to spend less time labouring over your fruit, and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour, Prospa is here to help you optimise growth and get the best returns from your crop.

Our hand-picked team has the experience, practical knowledge and mindset to succeed - and we’re keen to work with you to make an arrangement that suits the lifestyle you’re looking for.

We’d love to hear more about your orchard and the results you want to achieve.

To talk it through, give us a call on 0800 TOP OGR.